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Briefly describe the prop or costume component discussed on this page. An introduction, if you will, so a visitor can quickly determine if they are in the right place.

Reference Media[edit source]

A gallery of reference photos, illustrations, videos, and other reference media of the original prop or costume.

Source 1[edit | edit source]

Source 2[edit | edit source]

Source 3[edit | edit source]

Source 4[edit | edit source]

Reference Information[edit source]

A set of detailed notes researching the original prop or costume.

Tutorials & Resources[edit source]

Information about how to make or otherwise acquire your own replica {{{item}}}. Tutorials, instructions, 3D files, patterns, links to forum posts, etc .

Scratch/Hardware Build[edit | edit source]

  1. 4 Buttons Triggered MP3 Player Board
  2. Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board
  3. Spark fun WAV Trigger
  4. DIY Cosplay Sound Glove

Toy Conversions[edit | edit source]

Replicas[edit | edit source]

Community Resources[edit source]

Clubs, forums, and user groups focused on Wookiees.