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Welcome to PropWiki.Org. This is an ongoing project to archive information about props and costumes from movies, TV, and other media for the purposes of making your own.

Right now we are just focusing on Wookiees, but other info is welcome.

Each page has three sections:

  • Reference Photos: images of the original prop or costume piece, with sources cited.
  • Reference Information: Information about source parts, construction techniques, etc of the original prop or costume piece, again with sources cited.
  • Materials & Construction Techniques: Information about how to the techniques available to build your own, including links to tutorials.

Information about what not to do is just as useful as information about the right techniques. Half of what we have learned is from mistakes we have made. You the Thomas Edison quote about "1000 ways to not make a light bulb." For example, explaining the problems with faux fur.

The same goes for including and debunking urban legends. For instance, Stuart Freeborn once said that he was asked to make Chewie 8 feet tall, but other information makes it clear that never happened with the finished suits. There are also widespread beliefs that there is some lineage to Planet of the Apes, rather than 2001: A Space Odyssey. The approach on notes like that is to keep them and explain why they are wrong, rather than delete them.

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